Chevelle Get Poles Shoved Through Their Chests For 'Clincher'

Band skewered like butterflies in latest video.

It's probably safe to say that Chevelle's Sam Loeffler won't have the same experience making the video for his band's new single, "The Clincher," that he did when the group shot the clip for "Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)." For starters, he won't be super-drunk this time around.

"Oh man, when we did the 'Vitamin R' video, I was only in the last shot, and I had gotten hammered earlier, and so by the time I had to play I was just stupid drunk," he laughed. "So they were like, 'Action!' and I was like, 'Yeah!' "

Also, he'll be spending the majority of this video staked to a wall and hermetically sealed in glass.

"The video's about being skewered. We get these huge poles stuck right through our chests and then we get stuck into the wall," Loeffler explained. "And then we get locked into a glass case like we're butterflies or some kind of bug in a display case."

The clip for "The Clincher," the second single off Chevelle's album This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In), was shot on Sunday in Los Angeles while the band was in between dates on the SnoCore Tour (see "Chevelle To Headline SnoCore After Drying Out From Korn Tour" ). And Loeffler said the theme of being trapped fits perfectly with the song ... which is about "being buried alive."

"It's about claustrophobia. It's cool to get a song out on the radio that everyone can listen to but it's about such a dark subject," Loeffler said. "I read somewhere that the Smashing Pumpkins song 'Today' was about [Billy Corgan] realizing he could end his life at any time and everything would be all right. It was a happy song about a pretty negative thing. And I think it's cool it got through under the radar."

Chevelle will tour with SnoCore until March 13, and then they'll make their first-ever trip to Japan. They're in negotiations to be part of a 2005 version of the Family Picnic Tour (which featured such acts as Static-X and Trust Company last year), and could play a string of events for NASCAR. There are also plans to release a two-disc version of This Type of Thinking ... featuring the album remixed in 5.1 surround sound along with a behind-the-scenes DVD.

All those plans are tentative, but Loeffler is fairly confident about one thing: Chevelle are going to be spending a whole lot of time on the road over the next year. Which is fine with him.

"We're still going to be on tour. We're still going to be on a bus. We're still going to be sneaking into hotels to use showers," he sighed. "But what we do is fun. It certainly doesn't suck. And it's certainly better than hanging drywall for a living."