Kelly Osbourne Says She Hated First LP, Wants To Do Broadway

Ozzy's daughter has a more dance-pop vibe on new album.

It might be winter, but Kelly Osbourne has summer on her mind. By the start of the season, she plans to drop her next album, and by the end, she hopes to make her Broadway debut in "Hairspray" as Tracy Turnblad, a big girl with even bigger hair.

"I've always wanted to do Broadway," the singer/actress said. "I feel like I want to do everything, and that's the next step for me. I've done TV, I did a TV movie, I've done a reality show, I've done music."

Besides possibly making her mark on the Great White Way, being on Broadway would offer another possibility for Osbourne, since "Hairspray" — based on the 1988 John Waters cult-classic film that featured Ricki Lake in the Tracy Turnblad role — is being made into a movie once again. Set in Baltimore in 1962, "Hairspray" follows Tracy as she wins a spot on a local TV dance program, "The Corny Collins Show," and becomes an overnight teen sensation all while trying to beat a beautiful rival, win the cool guy, and fight discrimination of race and size.

First, though, Osbourne has to set aside some time to promote her second album, due in June, the bulk of which she wrote while in rehab for painkiller addiction. She's just decided to call the album Sleep in the Nothing, a phrase inspired by the movie "The NeverEnding Story" as well as by her sense of feeling lost when she was addicted to drugs.

"[In the movie,] the 'Nothing' was the thing that ate up Fantasia. ... [It] was, like, people who stop having imagination and dreams, and that's what I was going through," she said. "I stopped doing everything because of drugs. I had no dreams. I seriously would wake up, take pills and fall asleep again, or wake up, sniff something and go out for the night. Like, I didn't have anything to do, so it really reflects on a lot of what the album is about."

The sound of Sleep in Nothing is a departure for Osbourne, who said she didn't like her first album except for the fact that it taught her that she needed to go in a different direction and actually write music "like the stuff I listen to." Song titles include "Edge of Your Atmosphere," "Suburbia" and "Entropy."

"My original album was very punk, pop-punk," she said. "I really don't like it and I can't express that enough. It's not me. I don't really listen to punk-rock music or even rock music for that matter. Going that direction, I've got so much to live up to because of who my father is. And it's just too much to fight. So I decided to do what I wanted to do, and that's dance, '80s pop. So I did it and I love it."

For Osbourne's first single, the new age/new wave "One Word," she wants a different look for the video as well, so she's currently shopping for directors (see "Kelly Osbourne Designing Clothes, Readying New Single").

"I'm going for something like very 'Alphaville,' " she said, referring to the 1965 French sci-fi movie. "Very '60s, nothing that I thought I'd ever do, like very black and white. I'm excited for that. And I'm going to wear a wig!"