End Of Razorlight's Tour Marred By Onstage Freak-Out, Illness

Band forced to cancel final L.A. show, late-night show appearance.

Eighteen days ago, Razorlight were poised to conquer America. But given what's happened lately, they might never want to come back here.

The band was forced to cancel the final date of its U.S. tour — at Los Angeles' El Rey Theatre on Thursday — after lead singer Johnny Borrell became ill with laryngitis. He was flown back to the U.K. and has been ordered to rest and not speak by a physician, according to the band's publicist.

Borrell's laryngitis also means that Razorlight, who rode a wave of U.K. hype to U.S. shores (see "Razorlight Frontman Gives Up Drugs For Rock Dreams"), will also miss their scheduled performance on "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson" on Friday night (January 28).

It was just the latest incident in what has fast become a lousy week for the band. On Saturday, Borrell stormed off the stage at Denver's Larimer Lounge after only five songs. He never returned, and the show was canceled. The following night, Borrell posted a strange apology on Razorlight's U.K. Web site, claiming that he was too afraid to continue the set.

"I would like to apologize to any fans who were at the Denver show last night. I can't explain why I wasn't capable of playing. I was gripped by an extreme stage fright," he wrote. "I can't really explain it. I will play for free the next time we come back [to Denver] ... I hate whining rock stars as much as you do. Apologies."

After the semi-show in Denver, Borrell began to feel the first strains of laryngitis in his throat, but he toughed out shows in San Diego and Phoenix. It was while in Phoenix that a doctor diagnosed him with laryngitis and put him on antibiotics. But in the end, it was too little, too late. His voice was gone, and so was the remainder of Razorlight's tour.

The band will be back Stateside in March or April and will make up the L.A. show and, most likely, the Denver date as well, the group's publicist said.