Jay-Z Dissing R. Kelly On 'Drop It Like It's Hot' Remix?

He doesn't name names, but there's plenty to read between the lines.

Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams are trying to drop it and make it hotter. The duo recently hooked up for a remix of "Drop It Like It's Hot" with none other than Mr. President himself, Jay-Z.

It's a brand new bounce beat with Pharrell — who calls himself "Chef Boy R.P." — batting leadoff, Snoop cleanup and S. Carter sandwiched in between. If you caught any of his Jay-Z and Friends tour dates or his recent appearance on "106 & Park," you may recognize the first part of Hov's rhyme where he teases hatas and cops, rapping, "Thank God for hip-hop or I'd be in the bizz-ox/ Jail or dead, whichever way you rizz-ock/ But now I'm so fresh you can smell me through a Ziploc/ Mr. S Dizz-ot, it's not gonna stizz-op."

The last few lines of Jay's raps, however, seem to take a jab at R. Kelly. Although Jay doesn't mention the Pied Piper by name, he does talk about a man who had to leave a stage and is now taking him to court (see "R. Kelly Sues Jay-Z For $75 Million, Claims Sabotage").

"It's Jizz-ay, homey, you got pizz-ayed/ Take it like a man, the flow ran you off the stizz-age/ Wasting your time trying to sue S Dot/ Tell your lawyer to take the civil case and drop it like it's hot."

The "Drop It Like It's Hot" remix has leaked to the Net and mixtapes, but a representative for Snoop would not comment on the possibility of the song being officially released. The retired Jay-Z, on the other hand, has a bunch of new records coming out soon. In May, Hov is putting out the DVD of his recent "Fade to Black" movie (see "Jay-Z: Fade To The Black Sessions"). Included will be four new songs.