School Says Sign The Freakin' Contract, Then You Can Dance

Dances at Lemoore Union had been halted due to lewd moves.

Throughout our nation's history, conflicts have been avoided and egos assuaged through a series of high-profile concessions: Roger Sherman's "Connecticut Compromise" of 1787 — which established the framework for our modern government — and Henry Clay's "Missouri Compromise" of 1820 — which set the stage for the emancipation of the slaves — are just a few that come to mind. Now it's time to add another great pact to that list: Jim Bennett's "Freak Dancing Compromise" of 2005.

Bennett, the principal at Lemoore Union High School in Lemoore, California, raised eyebrows and garnered nationwide attention earlier this month when he banned all future dances at the school due to some students' dirty dance moves (see "Dip It Low? I Don't Think So, Says One High School Principal"). But after sitting down with Lemoore's student committees, Bennett bent a bit, and a compromise has been reached: The school's Sadie Hawkins dance is back on, now set for February 26.

"The student committee for the upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance has agreed to devise ... a strategy for allowing the dance to occur," reads a statement on the Lemoore Union High School District's Web site. "If successful, the strategy will undoubtedly form the basis for the strategy at the annual junior/senior prom."

Under the deal, created by Lemoore's Future Farmers of America club (which uses the Sadie Hawkins dance as a fund-raiser), students must sign their Sadie tickets, essentially entering into a written contract in which they agree "not to participate in 'freak dancing' at all." Other forbidden forms of dance include "lap dancing"; "groping or fondling one another about the buttocks, genital area or breasts"; "sandwich dancing"; and the ever-popular "making out." Students also agree not to pressure the dance's DJ into playing sexually explicit music.

If a student is caught breaking any of the rules, or if a chaperone asks them to leave the dance, "they will leave immediately without protest or appeal. ... Warnings and 'second chances' will not be given." Dance chaperones will be selected by the FFA from a list of FFA advisors, boosters and parent volunteers.

And as long as Lemoore Union students abide by the rules, they'll avoid any future freaking fiascos.

"[We] are looking forward to a successful, orderly, wholesome Sadie Hawkins dance," the statement concludes. "To be followed by similarly successful dances in the future."