Young Buck Pleads Not Guilty In Vibe Awards Stabbing

Rapper says little except, 'Go buy my album.'

G-Unit rapper Young Buck pleaded not guilty on Friday to a charge of assault with a deadly weapon in connection with a stabbing at November's Vibe Awards.

Buck, whose real name is David Darnell Brown, did not speak during the brief hearing except to tell the judge that he understood he was waiving his right to a preliminary hearing within 10 days. He did not speak to reporters, although he did say to those in attendance, "Young Buck, go buy my album." He is due back in court for a preliminary hearing on February 18.

The rapper, who came to court wearing black jeans, a black shirt and baseball cap, is alleged to have stabbed 26-year-old Los Angeles native Jimmy James Johnson in the aftermath of a fight at the show. Witnesses said that Johnson punched Dr. Dre in the face after the rapper refused to sign an autograph (see "Dr. Dre Attacked, Man Stabbed During Melee At Vibe Awards"). The punch sparked a brawl that was broken up a few minutes later by police using pepper spray. The Vibe Awards continued and aired later in the week, although the incident was edited out.

Johnson pleaded not guilty on Monday to attacking Dre and is due back in court January 26, when a date for a preliminary hearing on assault charges will be set.

Buck, who briefly went into hiding after the incident, faces up to eight years in prison if convicted. He remains free on $500,000 bail. His attorney, Scott Leemon, said, "We entered a plea of not guilty today and we're looking forward to our day in court."

The hearing was held at the Felony Arraignment Division in the Airport Courthouse of Los Angeles Superior Court.

Santa Monica Police are still attempting to identify at two other men seen brandishing knives in video tape of the incident (see "Warrant Issued For Young Buck In Vibe Awards Stabbing").