Jennifer Lopez Going On Tour ... Probably ... Maybe

Busy singer/actress has tried to plan one before, without success.

Jennifer Lopez is planning something special, and she really hopes it works out this time.

To support her upcoming album, the singer is gearing up for her first-ever tour. "I've tried to plan a tour so many times," she said. "And we're planning it again. It's exciting."

Now that she's wrapped work on two films hitting theaters this year — "An Unfinished Life" with Robert Redford and "Monster-in-Law" with Jane Fonda (see "J. Lo To Butt Heads With J. Fonda In 'Monster-In-Law'") — Lopez thinks her schedule might have an opening large enough to allow her some time off as a road warrior. "Because of the fact that I work in film, it's been hard," she said. "It's been hard to map out that amount of time to really do it right."

The focus of Lopez's set would likely be songs from her new album, Rebirth, such as "Step Into My World," "Still Around," "Cherry Pie," "This Is Me," the Fat Joe collaboration "Hold You Down" (see "Fat Joe Nearly A No-Show To Flow With J. Lo"), and first single "Get Right." But there might also be a lot of back catalog, since Lopez has never toured and rarely performs live. There are no details on the tour just yet, according to Lopez's label rep, but the singer said she envisions the outing as "just me doing my thing."

"We'll see if it happens," she said. "I've learned not to get my hopes up." Still, Lopez added, "I can't wait!"