Chingy Fires Back At Nelly And Luda, Drops New Dis Track

Ex-DTP member says he's tired of them taking shots at him.

On Thursday Chingy was filled with more passion than probably anybody has heard the laid-back St. Louis playboy speak with in a long time. He's upset that people are calling him out, and he's not just talking about it, he's also rapping about it — on a dis record targeting Nelly called "We Got" that leaked online this week.

"I heard that song, boy; it ain't another, boy," he raps, backed by his crew, the Hood Starz. "Better keep my name out your mouth, boy/ ... I been discovered, boy; that's why you hatin', boy/ ... The media hyped you, boy/ KRS crushed you, boy/ ... Put up the chains, bars and the platinum teeth, boy/ And bring the drama beef, trouble to the streets, boy/ You started it, boy/ Well, I'mma finish, boy."

"I'mma run it down like this, ya dig? That record right there, that's some old material," Chingy said Thursday from St. Louis. "I done that when this all started. I'm gonna be real about it. I'm tired of these guys — I'm talking about Ludacris and Nelly — I'm tired of these guys taking shots at me in all these interviews and songs [with] subliminal shots (see "Nelly Tells Chingy To Calm Down And Pay Him More Respect "). Business is business. I'm the one who sold 3 million records, and I'm still getting money back that [Disturbing Tha Peace] had in their possession. Ludacris knows what I'm talking about."

Earlier in the year, Chingy left Luda's DTP crew, citing mismanagement and claiming he wasn't receiving money that was owed to him. His squabbling with Nelly came about after Nelly's Sweat album was released in the fall and Chingy heard a record called "Another One" that he felt took a shot at him (see "Mixtape Monday: Chingy Gets Mad At Nelly, Diddy Gets Mad At Haters").

"I ain't hiding from it no more," Chingy said. "I ain't with all this foolishness, but if you gonna make songs about me and speaking about me in these interviews, I'm not gonna hide in no shell. At the end of the day, they spitting false talk and this is real talk. I ain't got nothing too much more to say about those guys. I'm trying do my thing with my music and my company and keep things moving. I'm done with all that bullcrap. I'mma shut it down right now."

Chingy said he was well aware that Luda and Nelly might also have some raps in store for him, and although he's noted that he's done making music about his nemeses, it doesn't mean that he's not armed with a stash of barbs.

"I prepare myself for the worst," Chingy said, implying he has more ammo ready just in case. "I prepare myself for the worst. So take it as that."

Chingy plans to drop an official single in the next few weeks. He's putting out "Leave With Me" featuring R. Kelly and is looking over video treatments now. "We're in the process of getting that together," he said.