Comedy-Club Owner Accuses Michael Jackson's Lawyers Of Harrassment

Hollywood's Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada holds news conference to accuse Jackson's attorneys of 'unethical' behavior.

The comedy-club owner who introduced Michael Jackson to the boy accusing him of molestation has charged the singer's defense team with harassment, claiming they sought testimony from a group of his comedians.

Hollywood's Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada held a news conference on Wednesday in Los Angeles to accuse Jackson's attorneys of "unethical" behavior, according to The Associated Press. Masada claimed that defense attorney Brian Oxman hired an investigator to call him and is "harassing all of my comics who have been doing my comedy camp," asking them about the program, and whether they met the boy. Chris Tucker and George Lopez are among the comedians who participated in the program.

The boy accusing Jackson of molestation attended Masada's comedy camp for underprivileged children while he was battling cancer. During that time, Masada reportedly called Jackson's Neverland Ranch urging the singer to meet the boy (see "U.K. Reports Tell Story Of How Jackson Met His Accuser").

Though Masada did not identify the comedians approached by Jackson's defense, one comedian, Suli McCullough, joined him at the conference and said he had been questioned by the investigator about the camp "almost in an accusatory kind of fashion."

During the news conference, some of Masada's employees passed around copies of a December 28 letter in which Oxman told Masada that Jackson's defense team would try to obtain a court order against him if he did not turn over records or appear in court on the first day of the trial, January 31.

Immediately following the conference, an unidentified man served the club owner with another summons to appear in court.

According to the AP, Masada has been giving money and public support to the boy's family since he made initial allegations against Jackson in November 2003.

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