John Mayer Sent To Principal's Office For Being Famous

Singer barred from ceremony meant to honor him.

Almost a decade after graduating from Fairfield Warde High School in Fairfield, Connecticut, singer/songwriter John Mayer found himself in the principal's office again last week.

Mayer, a 1995 graduate of the high school, came home to be inducted into the school's hall of fame, but was unexpectedly diverted to headmaster James Coyne's office, according to The Associated Press. Mayer was not expected to attend the ceremony due to a scheduling conflict, but he flew in at the last moment, surprising school administrators. Mayer said he changed his mind about attending and was planning to donate a guitar he'd played on tour to the school.

"We were not ready for John Mayer," hall of fame committee chairman Jim Conley told the AP, explaining that security concerns forced officials to bar the singer from the ceremony and hold him in the headmaster's office until the event was under way.

Mayer said he was about to greet a fellow inductee, pro tennis player James Blake, when he was led by the arm to Coyne's office. "So there I was," Mayer said, "I could see James out there with his mom and the whole thing's going on and I'm in the office."

Though Coyne said the diversion occurred because of his concern for Mayer's welfare and that of the students, Mayer said it was "hurtful."

"I'm sorry he felt that way," Coyne said, explaining that Mayer wasn't asked to leave the premises, but was accompanied to his car.

Neither Mayer nor Coyne could be reached for further comment at press time.