Studio Where Eminem Worked On Shady LP Up For Auction

Seller expects piece of hip-hop history to fetch at least $500,000.

So, you're in the market for a recording studio? How about this nice little two-story number in Ferndale, Michigan? The building is "in excellent condition," with a studio on the first floor and an apartment upstairs. It's recently been renovated, and a whole bunch of local artists have recorded there over the years, including this one guy you might've heard of.

His name is Eminem.

Starting Wednesday on eBay's commercial real estate site, fans of Em can bid on the yellow building with brown trim at 430 Eight Mile Road — affectionately known as Studio 8 — where the rapper worked on material for his breakout album, The Slim Shady LP.

And if that's not enough of an incentive to get in on all the auction action, listen to this pitch from David Giltner, a VP at commercial real estate firm Grubb & Ellis: "It's got wood floors and a lot of foam on the walls. And in the downstairs studio there is a lot of recording equipment that I am not too familiar with. I mostly deal with commercial real estate."

No matter — the equipment isn't up for sale, only the building is, so unfortunately the winning bidder won't get to twiddle the same knobs that Slim Shady once did. But, as Giltner pointed out, it is an opportunity to own a rather large chunk of hip-hop memorabilia, and bidding starts at a mere $215,000.

"There are definitely buyers out there who want to be associated with this kind of history," he said. "We're thinking we can get somewhere between $500,000 to 600,000 for the building."

But it's not really about the money for Giltner, who said he got involved to help out an old friend. And Giltner is a fan of Eminem, has seen him in concert, and owns all of his albums. But he's quick to add that he's "more of a rock and garage guy" who's really into the White Stripes.

Hey, Jack White owns an upholstery shop nearby ... maybe he's looking to sell too.