Jermaine Dupri: New Janet LP's 'Gonna Be Straight 'Control' '

Hitmaker signs on to executive produce Jackson's next album.

Jermaine Dupri earned yet another #1 smash this year by producing "My Boo," and in 2005 he's hoping to at least equal that success by producing his boo.

The veteran hitmaker says he's signed on to executive produce Janet Jackson's next album.

"I ain't trying to do nothing that don't win awards," Dupri said last week in Los Angeles about what he wants to bring to the project. "I see a void in music. Any time I make records, I try to fill the void with what's missing. I think everything [Janet] brought to the table in the beginning of her career and throughout her career is missing. The kids don't have nobody to follow, they're lost. The music industry is so wide open for a person that's creative like me, it's like a video game.

"You don't have no TLCs no more, no BBD [Bell Biv DeVoe]," he continued. "You just have music artists that's like, 'I can sing.' They don't have no kind of concepts to them. Nothing flavorful about that. You just have executives that put stylists with singers and that's it."

As EP on the new Janet album, JD is hoping to pair his wifey with other proven trackmasters — with Dr. Dre being at the top of his list.

"I'm reaching out to everybody to work on her record," he explained. "I'mma reach to the top of the top producers and we're gonna make a great album."

The recruiting done by Dupri on his BlackBerry or cell phone, he says, will probably be limited to just producers. He doesn't envision many guest appearances for the LP, which he says will "definitely" be out in 2005.

"We start that next year," he added. "For this record, it's gonna be all dance, though. It's gonna be straight 'Control,' 'Nasty,' hard-ass beats, memorable melodies. It's directed to her fans, people who miss dancing, people who miss seeing videos with dancing. These [younger artists] are sloppy, they don't take it as serious as she do. They don't rehearse for the hours she do. It's serious business for her and her family and her brothers. It's important for kids to see that and bring that back to life."

Dupri doesn't look at his involvement in the new Janet album as helping to bring her career back to life after Jackson's Damita Jo kind of came and went earlier this year, though. He insists it's not a comeback.

"I wouldn't say that," JD insisted. "She got nominated for two awards for Damita Jo (see "Kanye Scores 10 Grammy Nominations; Usher And Alicia Keys Land Eight"). And Damita Jo, it was a platinum record and still sold its first week. It might not have done the usual numbers, but everybody can't be Eminem."