Former Evanescence Guitarist Ben Moody Begins Work On Solo Debut

He plans to sing lead vocals on the album.

More than a year after leaving Evanescence, Ben Moody is getting ready to start recording his solo debut.

Moody, who co-founded Evanescence with singer Amy Lee while in high school, plans to enter the studio in January to begin work on the still-untitled album, which is slated for release next summer, according to a label spokesperson.

Moody has been writing and demoing songs in Los Angeles since the split, and he is planning on recording all the lead vocals himself — as well as playing most of the instruments — during the sessions.

Moody, who co-wrote all of Evanescence's Fallen, including the hits "Bring Me to Life" and "Going Under," has been largely out of the public eye since leaving the band, but he's been busy behind the scenes. He co-wrote Avril Lavigne's latest hit single, "Nobody's Home" (see "So Where's Evanescence's Ben Moody? Ask Avril Lavigne"), and collaborated on two songs on the new Kelly Clarkson album, "Because of You" and "Addicted" (see "Ben Moody Bringing Kelly Clarkson's Music To Life"). He has also produced tracks for the band Blank Theory and recorded "The End Has Come" for "The Punisher" soundtrack with Godhead singer Jason Miller and Drowning Pool frontman Jason Jones.

No information is available on what direction Moody will take with his solo debut, but following the split with Evanescence, the guitarist suggested it would be more eclectic, and harder, than his former band's emotional goth-rock sound.

"The things that we dealt with in our music were things that people go through that they don't always like to talk about," Moody said earlier this year. "To me, that's purging. Once you do that, you're supposed to come together and say, 'We got it out, and we're all going to be OK.' With Amy, it was like, 'No, nothing's ever going to be OK.' And I just couldn't live that way" (see "Evanescence: The Split").

Prior to the split, Moody said he wanted to expand Evanescence's scope from the dark, introspective themes that marked Fallen and move in a harder-edged rock direction, while also hanging on to some of the elements that fans loved. For her part, Lee wanted more variety.

Evanescence are expected to begin work on their Fallen follow-up early next year (see "Evanescence's New Sound Is Reminiscent Of ... Evanescence").