Maroon 5 Dying To Get Back In The Studio To Record More Songs About Girls

First, though, band looking to release yet another single from Songs About Jane.

LOS ANGELES — Maroon 5 are their own worst enemies. The soulful rockers are dying to get back in the studio, but they're also quite fond of releasing singles and touring to promote them.

"Our record label's gonna be pissed, but we want to do one more," singer Adam Levine said.

Maroon 5 are eyeing "The Sun" for what will be Songs About Jane's fifth single and the follow-up to "Sunday Morning" (see "Maroon 5 Donating Their Chocolaty 'Imagination' To Charity").

"The day I wrote that song I was trying to be Stevie Wonder," Levine said. "So I was playing a clavinet for like three hours and just finally figured out how to do it and then I wrote the song."

Although he refused to elaborate, Levine said the band has some incredible touring opportunities for the spring. (And after sitting out half the year due to a shoulder injury, drummer Ryan Dusick will be joining them.) By summer, M5 will finally return to the studio.

"We got a good handful of songs [written]," Levine said. "I can't wait for you to listen to the record 'cause we have a lot that we have to say musically. It's been three years, so we have so much pent-up creativity."

The band has already been playing some of the new songs live and will do more of that in the spring.

"There are more songs about girls, more songs about hearts being broken, but with a different spin on it, with like a hyperactive backbeat to it," Levine said. "It's a little more rock and roll, a little more excitable, kind of crazy."

In the meantime, Maroon 5 just recorded a version of John Lennon's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" for a Best Buy sampler and will play a few radio festivals this weekend before starting a two-month break.

"That's gonna be the most time off in the last three years, literally, so we're really looking forward to it," guitarist James Valentine said. "I'm gonna learn how to surf!"