JoJo Says She's 'Not That Kind Of Girl,' Wants Dr. Dre For Next Album

Thirteen-year-old singer tries acting in 'Aquamarine,' preps third single from debut.

LOS ANGELES — So how did JoJo celebrate the recent platinum certification of her debut album?

"I just ordered a pizza," the 13-year-old singer said. "It was nothing really big, it was just that special moment."

A special moment JoJo would be happy to relive if her album goes double platinum or better. And she's doing her best to make that happen, planning a tour and preparing to release a third single.

The track she's leaning towards is "Not That Kinda Girl." "It's a great beat," JoJo said. "It just says that you are not impressing me with all the things that you have and all that, and I am not that kind of girl that's into those kinds of things."

Contending with "Not That Kinda Girl" is "Never Say Goodbye," an Underdogs-produced "beautiful ballad," according to the singer, who will make the decision in the next few weeks.

JoJo is also already thinking about her second album and declaring her wish list of collaborators.

"This is so weird, but I would really like to work with Dr. Dre ... because nobody would expect that," she added. "This really is the year of Kanye West, but I feel Dr. Dre is so amazing and I would love to work with him."

After portraying a young Linda Ronstadt on "American Dreams," JoJo also gained an appreciation for band-driven music. "They played the live instruments and it was all real," JoJo said. "And she had amazing vocals and I really appreciated that."

And speaking of acting, JoJo is set to shoot her first movie, "Aquamarine," in February. Co-starring Emma Roberts (Nickelodeon's "Unfabulous"), the flick will be based on the Alice Hoffman novel about two teenage friends spending their last summer together who find a mermaid in their beach club's pool and must find a way to safely get her back to sea.

"They're still casting, so I can't say much about it," JoJo said. "As far as acting goes, as long as it's [a role] I can do well, then I am all for it and willing to give it a try."