An Army Of J. Los — Enough For A Dozen Marriages — Star In 'Get Right' Clip

Video's many, near-simultaneous scenes recall a Robert Altman film.

Jennifer Lopez calls in the clones for her next video, "Get Right," in which she packs in as many stories — and as many versions of herself — as possible.

According to its treatment, "Get Right" plays like a dance version of Robert Altman's film "Short Cuts," examining all the little moments that happen almost simultaneously in a nightclub during the duration of a single song, in which J. Lo is always the center of the story.

"Get Right," which will be directed by Francis Lawrence this weekend, starts in an alley outside a club, where a little girl follows her big sister (J. Lo) inside, begging to sit and watch from under the tables while she DJs. The first song she plays, of course, is "Get Right."

As the song starts, J. Lo is seen on all the video screens in the club (including a screen underneath the glass counter of a cocktail table) doing a dance routine with a cane. A drink is set down on the table, and it becomes apparent that Lopez is one of the patrons, too, as well as countless other characters.

One of those patrons is on a girls' night out, jumping from the couch to grab her girlfriends and run out onto the dance floor. A diva Jennifer is more detached, hanging out in the roped-off VIP section with her entourage. One Jennifer is dancing alone, with her eyes closed, doing the same choreographed moves that Lopez and her dancers are doing in the screens around the club, while a different, nerdier Jennifer is also alone, but just sitting and drinking, until she's drunk enough to dance on the tables.

One Jennifer fights with her boyfriend in the hallway outside the bathroom, while another Jennifer kisses her boyfriend as they sit in the booth. One J. Lo is trying to order drinks from another (who is serving them); one is comforting another who is crying; one is dancing for another's amusement.

J. Los are everywhere, and each one is connected by the song. When the song begins to fade, we hear the little girl who had just wanted to watch it all singing the final lines. She opens her eyes and looks up at her big sister — J. Lo the DJ — who smiles down at her.