Eminem Hangs Up Beef, Refuses To Be A Pawn

Adversary Ja Rule also vows to stop the verbal attacks.

No more beef. Eminem says he's officially done going back and forth with his nemeses the Inc. and Ray Benzino of The Source. There's a track on Em's Encore LP where he raps about his much-discussed beefs from the last couple of years, revealing their origins, how he felt when they jumped off — and most importantly, why he's done with the quarreling.

"When I say 'toy soldiers,' the phrase, it's symbolic to all of us in this rap game (see "Eminem Album Preview: Has Success Spoiled Shady?"); just being pawns almost, it feels like," Eminem explained a couple of weeks ago, standing in the middle of Detroit's Ford Field. "A lot of times when rappers have beef, their sales incline. So meanwhile big record labels and heads of record labels, they benefit off this. They go home at night and they can sleep. They can rest their heads, and they can rest easy knowing that they are selling records. Meanwhile, we're really out here.

"We're out here, and when we're not out here, some of our people are out here," Em continued. "Usually, nine times out of 10, somebody out of someone's entourage meets up with someone from somebody else's entourage. Usually the innocent people that really ain't got that much to do with it — besides affiliation — end up getting hurt or killed. So ['Like Toy Soliders'] was, metaphorically speaking, my way of saying, 'Before this goes any further, I'm done with it.' "

At least one of Em's adversaries agrees with his point. Ja Rule also says enough is enough.

"I think that's a straight 'I'm fed up' sentiment, same sentiment as me," Ja Rule, who insists he's done making records about the Shady/ Aftermath and G-Unit crew, weighed in about Em and the messages in his music. "I'm tired of [the beef]. I'm tired of talking about it (see "Ja Rule Invites Fans To Revisit Last Year's Turmoil On R.U.L.E."). I ain't backing down, but I don't want to talk about it no more. It's getting redundant, and it's wack right now. We're artists that like heat. I'm not gonna keep dwelling on something. It's not even a hot topic right now."

Like Eminem, Ja dropped his latest LP, R.U.L.E., last week.

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