Reel To Real: Could Jude Law Score Like Alfie If He Weren't A Big-Time Star?

According to an unscientific poll, his sexiness would trump his status.

The Reel Story: In the swinging new flick "Alfie," titular star Jude Law seduces a slew of women from the Upper West Side of Manhattan all the way down through SoHo and back again. He's a smooth-talking, limo-driving lothario, slipping in and out of women's lives — and beds — with the practiced ease of a guy who has seen and done it all.

The cavalier Alfie loves and leaves a cast of leading ladies that includes Marisa Tomei's Julie, Susan Sarandon's Liz, Nia Long's Lonette, Jane Krakowski's Dorie and Sienna Miller's Nikki. Like a lot of us, Alfie meets many of his dates through his work. He chauffeurs the city's upper crust about town in his limousine, winning them over with his good looks and charm. This setup raises an interesting question: If Jude Law were a regular guy, with a regular job, could he woo the most beautiful women in Manhattan?

The Real Story: In all likelihood, yes. It seems that most women are concerned with that lowest of all common denominators: good looks.

In an utterly unscientific poll, several ladies were presented with a photo of Law and asked whether he would still be date-worthy if he were stripped of his wealth and fame and were simply a fellow who drove a car for a living. The responses were pretty unanimous. Ellen, a booking agent, said, "Yeah. He's great-looking."

Other women had further requirements. "Very hot boy, indeed, but I'd have to know that he did something else in addition to his job," designer Kat explained. "Say, if he were also writing a novel, did volunteer work or had an interesting hobby. I don't give a damn about his money or status, but I've gotta know that he has a mind as pretty as his face and that there's something to talk about."

Echoing several of the other women polled, she went on to say, "Curiosity and creativity are key for me, and I think that the energy someone puts into their interests outside of work is super-sexy."

All the women polled felt that status came second to attractiveness and intelligence, so it seems that Law's Alfie would have a pretty good shot with the women of New York. Especially Thera, a performance artist whose straight-faced response was, "For sex, yes!"

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