Two New Projects Let Fans Walk A Mile In Linkin Park's Shoes

Book about life on tour due; Mike Shinoda designs footwear.

Linkin Park must have learned a thing or two from their recent collaboration with Jay-Z.

Back in July, the band was joined by Jay during a show in West Hollywood, where they tag-teamed the same sort of "mash up" tunes — Jay's lyrics over Linkin Park's chords — that'll appear on their upcoming joint EP, Collision Course, due November 30 (see "Jay-Z And Linkin Park Show Danger Mouse How It's Done").

And now the boys from Linkin Park are showing signs of the same entrepreneurial spirit Jay wears so well as part owner of the NBA's New Jersey Nets, the Roc-A-Fella record label, Rocawear clothing, the S. Carter line of shoes and Armadale vodka.

Around the time Collision Course is hitting record stores, Linkin Park will also be storming book sellers with "From the Inside: Linkin Park's Meteora," a 144-page book of photographs and handwritten notes that documents the band's hectic two-year world tour in support of Meteora.

"It's a collection of shots and moments captured from all over the world. It's a great ending to those two years of our life. It's a deep voice saying 'It is finished,' " said LP's bassist Phoenix. "We can look at it and remember all these crazy places we've been and all the things we've gone through. And it's a good look at us individually and as a band."

"It's an intimate look at the band," added vocalist Mike Shinoda. "You get to know us guys on a day-to-day basis. And the only way to do that was to have all six of us intimately involved with the creation of the book. We went through the book and made little notes and we share stories. It's something special for the fans, and we can look back in 10 or 20 years and say, 'This summed up that point in our career.' "

Shinoda might also be giving Jay-Z a run for his share of the shoe market. He's just designed a limited-edition "Remix Series" model for DC Shoes. But he's not selling the black-and-gray kicks to make a profit. All proceeds go to a scholarship fund he's established at his alma mater, the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

"It's one of the top art schools in the world, and they spend a lot of money on their students and equipment. And it's hard to make it through the school because it's so expensive," Shinoda explained. "Our DJ, Mr. Hahn, went there too, and he got fed up with how much it cost, so he ended up going somewhere else. That happens a lot there, and I wanted to be part of the solution. So I started up a scholarship."

With all the time spent designing books and shoes, and practicing random acts of philanthropy, you'd probably assume that Linkin Park have yet to begin work on the follow-up to Meteora. And you'd be right.

"We're kind of taking it easy now. I'm doing some production for other artists, mostly hip-hop," Shinoda continued. "I have a track that I hope is going to be on [Jurassic 5's] Chali 2na's solo album. I've got a track on the new Handsome Boy Modeling School album. We're always busy, but right now we're just doing little fun things."