Bowling For Soup Follow Up '1985' With 'Almost,' An Almost Love Song

Band thinking of video ideas, but 'if all else fails, lots of hot chicks.'

Bowling for Soup almost wrote a sweet love song as the second single from A Hangover You Don't Deserve. Instead, the pop punks wrote a song about almosts.

"I almost got drunk at school at 14," Jaret Reddick sings in the first verse. "Where I almost made out with the homecoming queen/ Who almost went on to be Miss Texas."

In actuality, "Almost" is almost a sweet love song.

"And I almost had you," Reddick continues in the chorus. "But I guess that doesn't cut it/ Almost loved you/ I almost wished you would've loved me too."

"It's another fun little number, but it has more of a mature sound to it," Reddick explained. "It's more of a play on words than anything. It's pretty out there. It's all telltale. Miss Texas isn't from our town. Miss Wichita Falls was, though. The idea is all these things that almost happened. Man, 'almost' is really hard to say a bunch of times over and over."

"Almost" will be the follow-up to Bowling for Soup's current single, "1985" (see "Bowling For Soup LP So Upbeat, 'It's Like Being Licked By Puppies' "). The band is brainstorming video ideas now, "but they've all been bad," Reddick said. "We set the humor standard pretty high, so you can count on that."

"If all else fails, lots of hot chicks," guitarist Chris Burney added.

Speaking of almosts, the band has almost decided on the album's third single as well. It's down to "Ohio (Come Back to Texas)," "Last Call Casualty," "Trucker Hat" and "Ridiculous."

"We've always tried to put a ballad of some sort together," Reddick said of the latter. "I wrote that with a friend for his band, but his band broke up. So he broke it out. It's a ballad, but it's rockin'."

Bowling for Soup are also almost planning to release a live DVD.

"There's thousands of hours of footage to go through," Reddick said. "That's a big commitment. [Drummer] Gary [Wiseman] and I started to do it, but it lasted about 35 minutes."

The DVD will serve as a more accurate representation of Bowling for Soup, as the band has always been more about performing live than recording. "We're entertainers, and it's hard to entertain that tape," Burney said.

"We don't use a set list," Reddick added. "We have a lot of banter. I could break into an '80s sitcom song and the guys will join in. There's a lot of ad-libbing. We entertain each other as much as the audience, and that's a bold statement."

Strange things also tend to happen at Bowling for Soup shows, which should make for some interesting footage.

"We were in Columbus, Ohio," Reddick recalled. "And [bassist] Erik [Chandler] did the 'Billy Madison' line, 'Everybody who's cool pees their pants.' After the show, these two girls came up to the merch booth and stood there and peed their pants. And they were both wearing jeans!"

Bowling for Soup are spending the fall touring the States, wrapping things up December 13 in Philadelphia.