Jessica Simpson To Dress Her Tween Fans

Singer launching line of sportswear, shoes, jewelry, perfume.

Unless they enjoy sucking Jessica Simpson's lickable fragrances off their own wrists, chances are the singer's tween girl fans may feel she has yet to really create a product meant just for them. But that's all going to change: The pop star is launching a line of sportswear, shoes, sneakers, jewelry, hair care, perfume and even accessories for the home aimed at her younger fans.

Simpson's JS Brand Management has signed a licensing deal with New York manufacturing firm Andrew Sports Club to launch the as-yet-unnamed label, which they hope to have in stores by fall 2005.

Andrew Sports Club CEO Andrew Kirpilani, along with daughter Karizma and son Kirshin, recently paid a visit to Simpson's house to show her several design templates which, Kirshin said, she enthusiastically approved.

Jessica and mom Tina will "play key roles" in helping to design the new line, Kirpilani said, and will have "every first right of refusal" if they disapprove of any items.

Simpson was the co-creator of the body-care and cosmetic lines Dessert and Taste, which debuted in stores this year (see "Jessica Simpson's Lickable Fragrances Won't Get In The Way Of A Perky Butt").

Though JS and Andrew Sports Clubs have not signed any official deals with retailers to carry the new line, Kirpilani said they are speaking with department stores such as Macy's as well as other retail outlets like Target.

"We're trying to go after that suburban, middle-America customer," Kirpilani said, "because Jessica is so clean and has such a good reputation."