Bone Crusher Drafts Shaq For Diesel-Powered Club Track

'Super N---a' will launch ATL rapper's Fight Music, due in March.

In the cartoons, Superman always left the whole partner thing to guys like Batman. The real-life Man of Steel — the one in the NBA, anyways — has always been into tandems, from Jay-Z to the Wu-Tang Clan to Notorious B.I.G. Even with the start of basketball season approaching, Shaquille O'Neal is finding time to lay some guest vocals in the studio.

This time, the Diesel has teamed for a new club anthem with a fearless Atlanta body breaker who's big enough onscreen to stomp skyscrapers. "We're getting Bone Crusher's album right," So So Def CEO Jermaine Dupri said from Atlanta. "We got this remix in for his first single — it's him and Shaquille O'Neal on a record called 'Super N---a.' "

Earlier this year Bone announced his next album would be called Fight Music, and he's put out a string of white-label singles in support of the project, even shooting a video for "Take Your Clothes Off" with the Ying Yang Twins. Dupri, however, insists "Super N---a" is finally the right record to launch Crusher's album.

"We're gonna run with that," J.D. said. "Bone Crusher, he's got some philosophy that everything he talks ... one word he says means a bunch of different things. 'Never Scared' means that you ain't never scared of nothing, not just fighting. This record is the same way. It's presented in a gangsta mentality; 'I walk around like I got a "S" on my chest.' We took the little 50 Cent line. But every person feels they got a lot of super in them. Not that they can leap from tall buildings in a single bound, but the fact that 'I'm super at this.' People call me a super producer. If you ask [Bone], he'll give you a whole slew of meanings of what 'Super N---a' is.

"Shaq, he feels like he's Superman," Dupri continued. "I don't know what his reasons are, but that's his whole thing. He's got [the Superman symbol] on his car, on his bed, all that."

The "Super N---a" remix has already been shipped to DJs, and Fight Music, according to Bone's label rep, will drop in March.