'Shark Tale' Still Feeding On The Box-Office Competition

Film maintains its #1 position for third week in a row.

The animated sea animals of DreamWorks' latest project have been out for blood since they first dove into the box-office waters, and they still haven't had their fill.

"Shark Tale" maintained its #1 position on the box-office top 10 for the third week in a row, pulling in $22.1 million, according to early estimates. Those earnings take the film's total box-office pull to $118.8 million, more than double that of any other film in the top 10.

Football flick "Friday Night Lights" touched down at #2 when it made its debut on the box-office top 10 last week, and it remains there for the second week. The film, which stars Billy Bob Thornton and Tim McGraw, centers on a high school football team heading to state finals in the football-obsessed city of Odessa, Texas, and the toll that expectations of friends and family take on the athletes.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone's "Team America: World Police" bowed at #3, proving that puppet sex is hot (albeit not as hot as animated sharks and men in tight pants). The off-kilter comedy — about an international police force that hires a Broadway star to help save the world from a dictator bent on destroying it — took in $12.3 million.

Two-stepping its way on to the countdown this week is the film featuring the unlikely pairing of Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere. "Shall We Dance?" tells the story of an accountant who is so taken with J. Lo's dance instructor that he immediately signs up for ballroom dancing lessons. The flick, which also stars Mya, Nick Cannon and Susan Sarandon, took in more than $11.6 million to land at #4.

"Ladder 49," meanwhile, is making its way down the rungs of the top 10. The John Travolta/ Joaquin Phoenix flick dropped from #3 to #5 with more than $8.6 million.

Queen Latifah plays an aggressive driver on the big screen, but even her skills couldn't help "Taxi" make its way up the top 10. The comedy, which also stars Jimmy Fallon, dropped two spots from #4 to #6 with $7.7 million.

Rounding out the top 10 are "The Forgotten," which falls from #5 to #7 with $6 million; "Raise Your Voice," which drops from #6 to #8 with more than $2.9 million; "The Motorcycle Diaries," which stays at #9 for the second week with more than $1.6 million; and "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow," which slides from #7 to #10 with more than $1.3 million.

Overall, ticket sales were down this week from the corresponding weekend last year.

Next week, look for "The Grudge" to debut in top 10.

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