Weezer Album Nearly Done — But First, Rivers Has To Finish His Homework

Group says album is 'very close to completion.'

Weezer are a lot like college kids (except that they're all in their mid-30s). They're anxiously awaiting the end of the fall semester, but not just because they can finally take their dirty laundry home to mom. That's also when frontman Rivers Cuomo returns from Harvard University to put the finishing touches on their new album.

On a posting on its official Web site, the band writes that the recording process for its fifth studio album, the first since 2002's Maladroit, is nearly complete, and is just in need of some tinkering from the studious Cuomo, who returned to Harvard earlier this year (see "Weezer Frontman Posts Unusual College-Application Essay on Web Site").

"While the main 12 songs are very close to completion (and may be in some cases truly completed), there is no way of knowing this for sure until everyone has had the chance to try everything they think may elevate the tracks," the posting read. "Of course that includes Rivers, who is now away at school for the semester. While everyone agrees that most of the tracks are very close, it may turn out that additional work will be needed.

"The upshot of all this is that the album probably won't be truly finished until after the holidays, which means it likely won't see release until spring '05," the posting continued. "The cool part is that everything on the album has had (and will have had) ample time to be the best it can be — no rushing or cutting corners."

The band also wrote that the recording sessions for the new album will "almost certainly" wrap on Monday, and that the 12 tracks that have become the session's main focus "definitely sound like an album, and a hell of a good one." But in the last week of recording, they've also dusted off three "extra" songs, one of which was originally written during the now-scrapped recording sessions that took place last winter with producer Rick Rubin (see "Weezer's Rivers Cuomo A Wellspring Of Songs, Rick Rubin Says").

"These extra 3 songs … also sound really cool and would all make fine additions [to the album]," the band wrote. "Time will tell."