Jack Black Goes After 'Space And Time' — And The President

Actor/musician to star in Michel Gondry's next film.

He's already a self-proclaimed master of rock, now Jack Black is going after bigger things — like space and time.

After the actor/musician makes Peter Jackson's "King Kong" (see "Jack Black Cast In 'King Kong' — No, Not As The Ape") and the long-awaited Tenacious D movie (see "Coming Soon: Tenacious D's Big Fat Movie"), he's agreed to star in an adaptation of the sci-fi novel "Master of Space and Time."

"That's really about the director, Michel Gondry, who I think is amazing," Black said of the "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" director, who is also the visionary behind acclaimed videos for Björk and the White Stripes. "I love his music videos and I really love ['Eternal Sunshine']. I thought that was incredible."

A script for the movie is not yet finished, but Black signed on based on his appreciation for Gondry. The novel, written by Rudy Rucker, follows an engineer and an inventor who discover a way to alter reality and travel in other dimensions.

Black is currently shooting "King Kong" with Naomi Watts and Adrien Brody and will hit the big screen Friday as one of the main voices in the animated "Shark Tale."

"It's pretty fun and easy compared to doing a live-action film," Black said, "because you come in, you do, like, seven hours of recording and then you're done for a few months."

The biggest challenge for the comedian was coming up with a voice for his character, Lenny, a shark who angers his father (Robert De Niro) when he refuses to eat fish.

"It was a little Woody Allen-y," Black said, comparing his voice to the famous actor/director's. "I just looked at the pictures of them and thought about who he was, and that seemed the right thing. He had to have the Brooklyn accent and I didn't want him to be a tough dude, so it just sort of naturally went to [Allen]."

With so many movies in the pipeline, Black and his Tenacious D partner, Kyle Gass, have had little time to record, but the two have done some rock for John Kerry benefits and hope to do more.

"I've never really been involved in politics," Black said. "I've always sort of leaned to the left, but this time it just got serious all of a sudden. It seemed way more personal than usual. I just think Bush has made a lot of mistakes and has led us down a bad road. And now there's this talk like, 'But you gotta keep him, you don't want to change in the middle ...' Bullsh--! Because a guy ruined something, you gotta keep the same guy to fix what he ruined? That doesn't make sense to me. Time to repair the damage. Get the new guy in to do it."

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