Ryan Cabrera Finds Dream Girl In New Video: Taylor Cole From 'Summerland'

Singer's breakthrough clip, 'On the Way Down,' co-starred his then-girlfriend Ashlee Simpson.

Ryan Cabrera has a new love interest — Taylor Cole from "Summerland" — in his forthcoming video, "True." In the singer's breakthrough clip, "On the Way Down," that role was played by his then-girlfriend, Ashlee Simpson.

According to the treatment, the video (which was filmed last week with director Kevin Kerslake) will open in an empty but majestic theater, as Cabrera strums his guitar onstage. The camera will swoop in to show the scuffs on the floor, the cuts on his fingers and dust in the air, lending a rough feel to the elegant theater. Only then will the video reveal the woman he's been singing to — Cole — but she's not in the theater; she's a memory or perhaps a dream.

Next, we see her walking through a forest toward a beach — walking backward, playfully hiding behind a tree, darting down the path. Though we see Cabrera on this same path, they aren't shown together — reflecting the longing in the song's lyrics — although they do react to one another: talking, gesturing, looking, all in slow motion.

Once out of the forest and onto the beach, Cole peels off her clothes, revealing a bikini swimsuit underneath. She poses seductively for Cabrera — kneeling, lying on her back — before walking into the water. Cabrera watches, on his knees in the sand, staring out into the ocean, but she's vanished as the sun sets. Back onstage in the theater, the stage curtain falls before him — and he turns and finally sees the girl standing behind him.

A spokesperson for Atlantic Records said there was "nothing up" romantically between Cabrera and Cole. Cabrera's music has been featured in "Summerland."

"True" is taken from Cabrera's debut album, Take It All Away (see "Ryan Cabrera, Ashlee's Ex, Sets Sights On Album, Sorority Tour").