'The Forgotten' Bumps 'Sky Captain' From Top Of Box Office

Julianne Moore flick rakes in $22 million.

Despite being panned by critics, the #1 film at the box office this week earned almost four times more than its competitors.

"The Forgotten," starring Julianne Moore, bowed at the top of the box office with $22 million, according to early estimates. The thriller finds Moore playing a mother who has recently lost her 8-year-old son and is told by her psychiatrist that she's made up the last eight years of memories and never actually had a son. Moore's character meets a man going through a similar experience, however, and the two set out to discover the truth.

"Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow," which stars Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law, fell one notch to #2 in its second week in theaters. The film, in which a reporter aims to stop a man from killing off all the world's scientists in a quest for world domination, took in more than $6.7 million.

Also falling one spot this week is "Mr. 3000," the comedy about a retired baseball player who wants to get back into the game to validate his record of 3000 hits. The flick, which stars Bernie Mac, landed at #3 with $5 million.

"First Daughter," this year's second film about a fictional female offspring of the president of the U.S., bowed at #4 with $4 million. The romantic comedy, which stars Katie Holmes as the president's daughter, centers on Holmes' character's burgeoning romance with a graduate student.

"Resident Evil: Apocalypse," a slightly less romantic film, is losing its battle to stay in the upper half of the box-office top 10. In its third week in theaters, the film dropped two spots to land at #5 with $4 million.

"Cellular," meanwhile, seems to be losing reception, dropping another notch from #5 to #6. In its third week in theaters, the flick, which stars Kim Basinger, took in more than $3.6 million.

Rounding out the top 10 this week are "Wimbledon," which tumbles three spots to #7 with $3.4 million; "Shaun of the Dead," which bows at #8 with more than $3.2 million (an impressive debut for a film showing in less than half the number of theaters of any other film in the top 10); "Without a Paddle," which drops three spots from #6 to #9 with more than $2.3 million; and "Hero," which also falls three spots from #7 to #10 with more than $2.2 million.

Overall, ticket sales were down from the corresponding weekend last year.

Next week, look for "Shark Tale" and "Ladder 49" to debut on the box-office top 10. Also opening in limited release is "I Heart Huckabees."

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