Ashlee Simpson To Play An Actress In 'Wannabe' Flick

Meanwhile, actress-turned-singer continues to write music.

Ashlee Simpson has made her presence known on TV via "7th Heaven" and "The Ashlee Simpson Show," and on the radio with her debut album, Autobiography. Naturally, now she has set her sights set on another medium: film.

Simpson has been cast in "Wannabe," which starts shooting in November.

"The movie involves music and actors, and all that kind of stuff," she said. "I play an actor, and it's basically about musicians trying to find their way. There's a guy who gets too old to be a musician, and all of us become his fan club. So it's going to be a great movie, and [studio] Lions Gate does edgier films, so it's going to be really exciting."

Simpson said she's looking forward to getting back to acting, having played Cecilia Smith in "7th Heaven" for two years, but for now she's enjoying the success of her latest single, "Shadow" (see "Blondes Have More Fun In Ashlee Simpson's New Video"). "I'm really proud of the song. It's about loving yourself and coming to terms with who you are," she said.

Creating the confessional debut certainly helped Simpson come to terms with some of the issues she addressed therein, but that was long time ago. These days her creative palette contains a lot more cheery tones.

"I am already thinking about the next record because I am one of those people who takes a step forward, and then is like, 'What can I do next?' " she explained. "But writing is something that is really important to me, so everything that I'm going through, I'm writing about.

"So far, I've been writing about he changes in my life, the positive ones," she continued. "Right now, I am at a really fun and happy place. I'm having a great time. Everything that I've been writing lately has been really up — just letting loose and having a good time."