A Boastful Fat Joe Shows Off His Things Of That Nature

Rapper says he doesn't get enough respect, calls new LP 'a classic.'

NEW YORK — "I put a lot into the game," Fat Joe said Wednesday night during the second of two listening sessions at Sony Studios in Manhattan. "I ain't really get the respect and just due I deserve as an artist. Right now n---as is listening. I'mma keep coming and coming. Right now it's a problem."

Joe's next solo LP, Things of That Nature, is all but done and has been given a release date of November 30.

"I make my livin' with rap and I feel this album is a classic," Mr. Modesty continued to tell all those within an earshot. Then he let the music speak for itself.

On Joe's album, you'll find songs like "Here's a Little Story," on which he raps, "Remy braggin' about the dough we got/ She ain't lyin', I'm flyin', plus I bought us a yacht." Elsewhere, on "Rules," he explains how to make it as a Hispanic music artist: "Can't be cornballs like Menudo/ Ricky Martin is cool, but with them tight pants how you gonna conceal your tools?" But don't think that just because he's dancing and smiling on TV Joe has forgotten his roots.

"Victim" is one of the hardest records to hit the streets in some time, and later on the album he has a series of songs labeled "Temptations" on which he yells out, "Lord, forgive my temptation to kill/ But I gotta show these mutha----as the definition of real."

Joe and the Terror Squad are off to Los Angeles on Monday and Tuesday to shoot a video for "Take Me Home," then he plans to shoot three more clips — one with the Inc. family and Jadakiss for Ja Rule's "New York," then possibly a low-budget street video for "Victim," and once he's decided the official first single for Things of That Nature, he'll film a short for that.