Omarion Adds Big Collaborator To Solo LP: Outkast's Big Boi

Album slated for release on November 9.

Omarion has added a big collaborator to his upcoming solo album — Big Boi, to be exact.

The Outkast rapper has lent a verse to the former B2K star's first single, "Never Gonna Let You Go (She's a Keepa)."

"Basically, it's a realistic topic," Omarion said. "When I made my album, I wanted to talk about things that are real. I want somebody to hear my song and say, 'You know, man, I've been through that.' And 'She's a Keepa,' I mean, fellas, any time you got a good girl, even if she gets on your nerves sometime, she's worth keeping if you put that time in."

Omarion and Big Boi are shooting the video next week under the direction of Chris Stokes, who manages Omarion and directed several of B2K's videos.

Titled simply O (see "Omarion Gets 'Very Mature,' Makes Women Say 'Oh' On Solo LP"), Omarion's album is due November 9 and will also feature production from Pharrell Williams on a yet-unnamed track, according to the singer's spokesperson.

"If you want to know anything about me, even some of my secrets, listen to the album and you'll know me," Omarion said of the album's revealing lyrics. "It's different than anything I've ever done and I hope you all like it."

Along with recording his debut, Omarion has been filming two movies: "Fat Albert" (see "Omarion, Joel Madden, Kenan Thompson Form Rap Collective On 'Fat Albert' Set") and the Stokes-directed teen-horror flick, "Crazy House." He and Marques Houston were scheduled to shoot a sequel to "You Got Served" this summer or fall (see "'You Got Served' Sequel A Go; Omarion Says Former B2K Mates Invited To Return" ), but that has now been delayed until early next year.

"We're still in pre-production, so they still working out the cast and everything," Omarion said. "But you already know how ["You Got Served"] 1 was — just wait until 2!"