Former President Bill Clinton To Undergo Heart Surgery

He checked himself into a hospital Thursday due to chest pains.

Former President Bill Clinton will undergo heart bypass surgery in New York as early as Saturday.

The 42nd U.S. president underwent a series of tests at New York Presbyterian Hospital on Friday (September 3), according to CNN. Clinton, 58, initially checked into the hospital on Thursday complaining of chest pains and fatigue, went home, and then returned to the hospital on Friday.

Doctors said that Clinton's condition is serious and he may have to undergo a quadruple bypass.

Clinton has no known history of heart problems, short of an above-normal cholesterol level and borderline high blood pressure, according to a medical report from January 2001. Since the former president left office, he has lost weight and is reportedly on the South Beach Diet.

According to CNN, the former president will likely be in surgery for a few hours, intensive care for several days, and general care for a few days after undergoing the procedure, in which doctors must stop the heart from beating to perform the surgery and then get the heart beating once again.