Michael Jackson Accused Of Paying Hush Money To Boy In 1990

Retired Santa Barbara County Sheriff Jim Thomas says boy who made accusation in 1990 did not file charges.

In the midst of Michael Jackson's current legal battle, another new allegation has come to light — that he bribed the son of an employee at his Neverland ranch not to accuse him of child molestation.

"Dateline NBC" will report on Friday night (September 3) that in 1990 Jackson paid the 12-year-old boy $2 million to keep him from filing charges, according to The Associated Press.

Retired Santa Barbara County Sheriff Jim Thomas, who is now an NBC news analyst, will explain how his office investigated the singer in 1993 for paying another boy between $15 million and $20 million, and how during that investigation, they uncovered information about the first boy.

According to Thomas, many of the boys interviewed over the years regarding their interactions with Jackson have said that they "spent time in his bedroom, but that nothing had happened." He further told the AP that the boy who made the accusation in 1990 did not file charges, nor did he want to testify for fear that his friends "would think he was homosexual."

The boy, Thomas said, accused Jackson of "fondling him through his clothes." Both boys are reportedly not expected to appear in court to testify against Jackson.

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