P. Diddy Challenges Hulk Hogan To A Wrestling Match

Rap mogul jokingly makes proposition during Miami VMA party.

A week ago at Miami's Mansion club, P. Diddy's Welcome to Miami party was going down like a lot of his other star-studded soirees. Irv Gotti was dancing to Stevie Wonder, while Ja Rule was drinking and laughing. New Edition had their own section to take in the action, and Timbaland was chillin' on a staircase.

As more celebs — including Nelly, Xzibit, Jimmy Jones and Bruce Willis — filed in, someone caught the eye of P.D., who happened to be onstage with Usher, Dave Chappelle and Lil Jon.

"Stop the music," Puff instructed the DJ. "Hulk Hogan is in the mutha----in' house."

"Hey, yo, Hulk," he would continue moments later. "Right now, me and you wrestle for a million dollars."

On Saturday Hogan responded to the challenge during MTV's VMA Radio Forum, where radio reporters get a chance to interview the show's performers, presenters and guests.


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"I know a million dollars ain't that big of a hit to him," said the Hulkster, who was accompanied by his pop-singer daughter, Brooke. "So if he's gonna get beat up, he might as well make it a hundred million dollars. I can't ever lose in front of my daughter. But I've got a lot of respect [for P. Diddy]. I saw him run for those kids in New York. So it's all good. If it's a million dollars for the kids, if he wants to put that up, I'll let him beat me."

Before you head to Vegas to place a bet on a Diddy-Hulkster grudge match, hold on. That night at Mansion, almost as soon as he issued the challenge to the leader of the Hulkamaniacs, Diddy recanted. "I was only playin'," he said. "Don't mess with me, Hulk."

Nothing but love was in the air as Hulk and Brooke made their way to Diddy. The three took pictures, and Hogan said that meeting Puff was like dying and going to heaven.

While at the radio forum, the retired wrestler also responded to another challenge that was thrown his way. During last year's radio forum, longtime Hulkster enemy Randy "Macho Man" Savage said he wanted to get in the squared circle just one more time with his foe (see "'Macho Man' Savage Cuts Rap LP, Tells Hulk Hogan To Be A Man"). On Saturday Hulk said he'd wrap one of his 24-inch pythons around Savage's neck for far less than a million bucks.

"Every time I wrestle Mach, I beat him up pretty bad," the blond-haired muscleman said. "I heard he's having a pretty tough time. If he can get a little oil in that wheelchair and get those legs pumped up — because those legs are about the size of my arms — I'll beat Macho Man up one more time. But this time it won't be so hard. God bless Miss Elizabeth, she's not here, so I'll just beat Macho up for free. No big deal."