Lindsay Lohan Meets Boy, Dances In Cage, Flies Home In New Video

Actress has tough night evading paparazzi in 'Just What It Is.'

Lindsay Lohan is making the transition from movie starlet to club kid — not just in her real life, but also in her first video for her forthcoming debut album. In "Just What It Is," Lohan evades the paparazzi in her quest to club the night away with a boy she picks up on the dance floor.

The video, which will be shot in two weeks, starts by following a red-headed girl getting into a long black Town Car. We don't see her face as the car door closes behind her, according to the video treatment. As the black sedan pulls away, the camera pans over to show a black Suburban emerging from the doors of a warehouse. In the distance, we see photographers crowding the black sedan, which we now realize was a decoy, and that the real Lindsay is in the SUV limo, which pulls away in the opposite direction.

The song starts as Lohan is in the back of the limo, leaning back against the dark upholstery. The first verse kicks in as she gets out of the car at an industrial space and walks into a freight elevator, from which the point-of-view cuts to the lens of the surveillance cameras. Lohan then walks down a long concrete corridor, where we see a horizontal slit window running along the wall, spilling a throbbing light and eventually revealing that the next room is actually a dance club.

Lohan hesitates before moving through the crowd while snapping a few digital pictures, and then makes her way to the center of the throng. No one notices her, save for an edgy, sexy guy who makes eye contact with her. By the second verse, she's in the sequestered VIP area. The outside dancers silhouetted on the wall, the guy she spotted before parts the curtains and slips inside, slowly inching toward her. As the verse ends, the lights go into a flashing strobe, making their contact slightly unclear. They're reaching out to one another, their mouths are turned toward each other, but the rapid pulses make it hard to tell if they're actually kissing.

From there, the scene cuts back to the middle of the crowd, where the people around her are now a mix of paparazzi and backup dancers. They push close to her, trying to take pictures, with her using her own camera phone to take photos of them. By the second chorus, Lohan is performing inside a cage.

The scene cuts again back to the freight elevator. As she grabs the hand of her new guy, the doors close, and they make their way to the roof of the building, which has a helicopter pad. A helicopter drops down and she and her guy slip inside and escape, just as the paparazzi emerge on the roof. As the helicopter lifts away, Lohan reaches out and drops her digital camera phone, where we can see an image of her and the guy together on its screen, glowing as it falls away.