Coming Soon To Cable: Seth Green Playing With Dolls

Untitled stop-motion show will air on Cartoon Network.

Forget the paddle, right now Seth Green is without a title.

The actor, whose "Without a Paddle" opened Friday, is launching an animated series in the winter. Just don't ask what it's called. Clearing a name has not been easy.

"It's a really complicated process where the lawyers tell you, 'You can't call it that,' " Green said recently. "'We want the show to be called 'Buggy-boo.' 'No, sorry.' 'Bugaloo?' 'Uh-uh. No.' 'Boogadie-boogadie-boo?' 'No, none of those are good. Some guy in Arkansas has a Web site that's all devoted to porn called Boogadie-boogadie-boo.' It's like, 'Huh?' "

Green's cartoon is a far cry from porn, but it will air on Adult Swim, the Cartoon Network's nighttime adult programming. "It'll follow 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' and 'Family Guy,' which is awesome," said Green, who voices the "Family Guy" character Chris Griffin.

Production on the still-untitled show will officially commence in October with the show slated to debut in December. Green will produce and could end up voicing.

"My friend and I loved the idea of a stop-motion parody ... like 'The Night Before Christmas,' but spoofing," Green said. "Like a 'Saturday Night Live' variety show, but with toys and dolls and stuff like that. It's hard to explain, but it just looks really funny."

Right now the show is taking up most of Green's time, though he's also reading scripts, looking for his next movie.

"I'm really cautious about picking scripts," he said. "I like to know that when I come out with something, I can say, 'This is good. You should see it.' "

Green is saying that about "Without a Paddle," which he also claims was one of the most fun movies he's ever made.

"I got to work with two guys who are just incredibly professional and experienced and really funny, and good actors, and we just got to play a lot," Green said of Matthew Lillard and Dax Shepard. "It was really exciting."

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