Chingy Plays Pinball Wizard In 'Balla Baby' Clip

Video features a pinball game that dictates whether MC wins or loses in some real-life scenarios.

Chingy gets the ball rolling for his upcoming album, Power Ballin', in the video for "Balla Baby" — where a pinball game dictates if the rapper wins or loses in some real-life scenarios.

According to the treatment for the clip (which is being shot this week with director Jeremy Rall), most of the action takes place in the reflections within and around the pinball machine, starting with an extreme close-up of the quarter placed in the slot. The scoreboard cycles through different numbers and letters, ultimately spelling "Chingy" and "Balla Baby," before zeroing itself out. From there, the pinballs rack up, with Chingy visible in the silvery reflections of the balls as the game starts. The camera moves with the ball as it smashes into different bumpers and pins, and as it bounces around, the point-of-view bounces around as well, crashing into the scenarios described on the flip-cards.

One such flip-card reads "Record Label," and when that one is hit, we're taken into a plush office, where the president of the label is spinning around in a leather chair as Chingy walks in. Chingy shakes hands with the president, claps, and two women appear with duffel bags full of money. The camera zooms into the bags, and from there, the scene becomes that of the bank vault, where the rapper is performing. The image becomes warped, and it's revealed to be another reflection, taking the viewer back into the pinball game.

As the ball is smacked by paddles and flies toward another section of the game, one called "High Stakes," the ball drops into a pocket and the point-of-view once again transforms into a real-life scenario: a villa containing a members-only club and private gambling spot. Chingy plays roulette, as comedian Steve Harvey (appearing in a cameo) taunts him. The roulette wheel is spun, and just like the pinball game, the camera follows the ball in an extreme close-up as it races around the wheel, finally stopping and making Chingy a big winner. The image warps into reflections and transitions to outside the villa, where a row of luxury cars await the patrons. Chingy steps out with his crew, gets into a car, and the pinball reflection swings the viewer to a yacht party, where the rapper is the center of attention, flanked by several women.

Back inside the pinball machine, the ball pops up, bounces and rattles through the bumpers as the score racks up higher and higher. Only as the ball finally starts to slow down does the camera pull back, revealing that Chingy has been the one playing the pinball machine all along.

The release date for Power Ballin' is now November 16 (see "Chingy Bringing Power Ballin' In October").