Snoop Served With Suit Alleging He Tricked Woman Into Toting Drugs

Lawsuit languished for years until rapper performed in Virginia.

Snoop Dogg was served with a 7-year-old lawsuit on Thursday.

While in Virginia Beach, Virginia, to perform on the Projekt Revolution Tour, the rapper (born Calvin Broadus) was served with a $1 million lawsuit filed in October 1997 in Richmond Circuit Court.

The suit, filed by Richmond lawyer Joseph W. Kaestner on behalf of his client Patricia Ann Richardson and her company, Voice Productions Inc., alleges that Broadus had Richardson pick up three FedEx packages, which contained 7 pounds of marijuana, at a Petersburg, Virginia, motel on January 28, 1997. Richardson claims she did not know that the parcels contained drugs until she was stopped by police at Club Flava, where she was promoting one of Snoop's performances.

Neither party involved was arrested, though Richardson was reportedly searched, handcuffed and interrogated at a Petersburg police station.

The suit outlines four counts — fraud and deceit, breach of contract, negligence and false imprisonment — and asks for Broadus to pay $1 million in damages to Richardson for defamation and embarrassment.

"Broadus, acting knowingly, intentionally, willfully, maliciously and in conscious and reckless disregard of the plaintiff's rights," the suit says, "directed Richardson to pick up the packages and deliver them."

Kaestner told MTV News that he has been attempting to serve Broadus with the papers for seven years but had difficulty in doing so, as Broadus lives in California and the suit was filed in a state court. The suit was initially dismissed because of the failure to serve Broadus, but Kaestner refiled the suit following the dismissal. It was refiled and dismissed two more times before he finally was able to serve the papers.

When Kaestner heard the rapper would be performing in Virginia, he asked the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Department to deliver the papers to the rapper.

Broadus has 20 days to file a formal response to the suit.

Snoop's spokesperson could not be reached at press time.

This story was updated August 13 at 2:50 p.m. ET