Outkast's Andre 3000 Named Best-Dressed Man

Rapper tops list in Esquire magazine.

Who knew wearing dresses, fedoras and loads of pink and lime-green attire on the red carpet could win you the title of world's best-dressed man.

Esquire magazine has pinned that label on Outkast's uniquely dapper Andre 3000. In the magazine's September issue, the rapper tops the list of the world's best-dressed men.

Known for pushing the fashion envelope on a regular basis, Andre 3000 has been photographed in such striking apparel as hot-pink trousers, electric-red fur tops, bright-green plaid golf slacks and an ever-changing lineup of oversized shades.

"In our continuing quest to learn from the finest," reads the online introduction to the feature, "Esquire has combed the earth in search of the best-dressed man. We scanned every square mile of the globe, from the tip of Africa to the beaches of Mexico."


Click for photos of Andre 3000's many styles

Among the other fashionable gentlemen the Esquire team found on their treasure hunt are Pharrell Williams, Chris Martin, Jude Law, Hugh Grant, Matt Lauer and unlikely international selections Prince Charles and U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

"What we found," the Esquire text continues, "was a group of men who take getting dressed in the morning to another level, their individuality manifest in everything from a luxurious bespoke suit to a basic pair of jeans. We can learn something about style from each of them, especially the one man who landed at the top of our list."