JoJo Going Hip-Hop, And Maybe Even Hollywood

She's already collaborated with Bow Wow, and J-Kwon's waiting.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — She's a 13-year-old pop singer, but somehow JoJo is hot with the hip-hop set.

J-Kwon said at Sunday's Teen Choice Awards that he hopes to collaborate with the former "America's Most Talented Kid" contestant, and Bow Wow has already logged studio time with her.

JoJo and Bow Wow's collaboration, a remix of her album track "Baby It's You," will be the follow-up single to the singer's breakthrough hit, "Leave."

"It's sick," JoJo said Sunday (see "Usher And Lindsay Win Big, Ashlee Burps, Britney A No-Show At Teen Choice Awards"). "It has a nice reggae feel to it. I think a lot of people will like it. Lyrically, it's saying that you want a guy for just himself. You don't need all those material things, it's not important. You just want to spend time with him."

Erik White, who directed the "Leave" video, also helmed the "Baby It's You" clip, which will debut in September.

"It's really cute," JoJo said. "We shot it at a carnival, an amusement park, at night, so it had those edgy, beautiful lights. Me and Bow Wow's chemistry was on point, and it was a lot of fun."

While working with Bow Wow, JoJo got some tips on transitioning from a music star to a movie star. She has since lined up writers to pen a script specifically for her.

"I wanna make sure it's the right role and the right time. I don't want to do the wrong thing," she said. "[I want] something edgy, something people may not think I can pull off. And I definitely want to work with some acting coaches to make sure I'm completely focused and ready."

In the meantime, JoJo will promote her recent self-titled album with a rather unconventional tour. She's traveling around the United States after the Olympics with the U.S. gymnastics team. JoJo is also working to encourage voting, even though she's too young to vote in the next two presidential elections.

"Voting is a very important way to make your voice heard, and I just think that we need to be more vocal and say what we want instead of complaining to our friends," the singer told a group of reporters after the Teen Choice Awards. "We need to say it on a bigger scale."

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