Blink-182's DeLonge Expects 'Always' To Change Life As We Know It

Band still deciding on video concept for new single.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — Just a hunch, but Tom DeLonge might be a bit disappointed by the response to Blink-182's latest single.

"It's going to change people's lives and might actually change the world forever," the guitarist daringly predicted at Sunday's Teen Choice Awards (see "Usher And Lindsay Win Big, Ashlee Burps, Britney A No-Show At Teen Choice Awards"). "It's a spectacular song."

"Always," which follows "Down" as the fourth single from the band's untitled album (see "Blink-182 Get 'Down' With Former Gang Members"), does not reveal the cure for cancer or plan for world peace, like Tom suggests, but does delve into a very universal subject.

"The song is about wanting to hold a chick all night long and kiss her and touch her and taste her and feel her and all these great adjectives," DeLonge explained, stopping to correct himself. "Verbs actually, there's some adjectives in there, but mostly verbs and nouns. Some pronouns too, but not too many of those."

Blink were actually discussing a concept for the video as they strolled into the awards show, but plans are still up in the air.

In the meantime, the Mark, Tom and Travis show is heading to Japan and Australia through mid-September and will hit the U.K. in December.

When the tour wraps, DeLonge will take a long vacation. "I'm going to lift some weights and run really fast, maybe sweat a little bit," he joked. He has no plans to make another Box Car Racer record.

Tom and bassist Mark Hoppus also plan to use their time off to further develop their Resting Bird Entertainment production company, which launched last year with the documentary "Riding in Vans with Boys" (see "Butt Branding, Drunken Weddings Captured On Hoppus And DeLonge's 'Boys' ").

"We have some new ideas in the works, a couple of which are quite large, so it might take a while for it to come out," DeLonge said. "I want to do a major motion picture, crazy weird stuff. I have ideas."

Perhaps his future film projects will have a political bent, as DeLonge said his new hobby is reading about politics. He's also been an outspoken supporter of John Kerry and John Edwards.

"The two Johns are great," he said. "I'm a big supporter of change. If people aren't into change, it's a question of whether they can read. That's what I think."