Taking Back Sunday: Road Warriors With No Champagne

Band touring, touring, touring some more.

When most bands find out their album has just sold more than 163,000 copies in its first week of release, the method of celebration usually resembles something straight out of a party at the Playboy mansion.

But when Taking Back Sunday got the good news that their second album, Where You Want to Be, debuted with such lofty sales, they were a bit more subdued.

"We called our families and congratulated each other, but we were pretty mellow," bassist Matt Rubano said. "We were trying to buy some champagne, but apparently we were 45 minutes away from the closest bottle. On the Warped Tour, you find yourself in some pretty desolate locations."

Or maybe they were just too tired to party down. The Warped Tour headliners have had nary a day's rest since playing the final three days of last year's Warped. All the touring, though, is probably what helped them score their #3 debut on the Billboard albums chart.

"This whole year has been nonstop," Rubano said. "We haven't had [more than] a couple of days off in a row. We played Warped, did a fall tour with Saves the Day, had about 45 minutes to rest and then we started making this record."

And the activity isn't scheduled to end anytime soon. After finishing up the Warped Tour August 19 in Boston, Taking Back Sunday will enjoy a leisurely eight-day break before playing England's Reading Festival and embarking on a brief European trek. After that, it's off to guitarist Eddie Reyes' wedding in Cleveland.

"We get to watch Eddie get married, and then the fall tour starts," Rubano said. "It's business as usual for us."

And somewhere in between the nuptials and the touring, they're going to make another video, perhaps for "This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know)," their song on the "Spider-Man 2" soundtrack.

"That would be really cool, because we're all big 'Spider-Man' fans," Rubano laughed. "And any closer I can get to Kirsten Dunst is a good thing."