Five For Fighting House-Sitter Stabbed

Caretaker is in serious condition.

A caretaker looking after the California home of Five for Fighting's John Ondrasik was attacked and stabbed 13 times by a man who broke into the musician's home.

According to The Associated Press, authorities said the attacker apparently broke into Ondrasik's San Fernando Valley home through a dog door on Wednesday evening. The assailant stabbed caretaker Carlos Canton, 43, and then fled the scene. Canton and his wife were watching Ondrasik's house.

A detective investigating the attack told the AP that "it is likely the suspect had entered the residence while the people were gone and when they returned from walking the dog, [the suspect] surprised him." He further noted that it may have been a random burglary that was disrupted, and that Canton could have been stabbed "just to facilitate the burglar's escape."

Authorities said on Thursday that the caretaker is in serious condition. No arrests have been made, and Ondrasik was not at home when the attack took place.