Avril Tries Her Hand At Acting In 'Nobody's Home' Video

Clip is being shot this week, but you won't see it until October.

To say Avril Lavigne is all grown up in the video for her next single, "Nobody's Home," is an understatement. So matured is the Canadian rocker with a reputation for raising hell that she'll be seen formally dressed and surrounded by a middle-aged orchestra.

Being backed by oboes, violins and violas isn't the only first for Lavigne, who is filming the clip Thursday (July 29) and Friday in Los Angeles. The 19-year-old singer will also be making her video acting debut in the clip for the third single off Under My Skin.

Interspersed with glimpses of Lavigne performing with chamber musicians in a refined concert hall is footage of Lavigne portraying a down-and-out girl who's definitely seen better days. Although it's unclear which scenes will make the video's final cut, the camera will alternately find our disheveled protagonist wasting the day away on the street with her friends, getting strange looks from passersby, shoplifting and busking at curbside, according to the clip's treatment.

Even though it's being filmed this week, the video, directed by Diane Martel (Clay Aiken, Snoop Dogg), won't be surfacing for a while. "Nobody's Home," co-written with former Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody, is expected to appear at radio and video outlets in October. The clip is being shot now, though, because once Lavigne embarks on a European tour in September, she'll likely stay on the road throughout the rest of the year.

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