Usher/ Alicia Keys Video To Accompany Confessions Re-Release

Duet 'My Boo' will be single from repackaged album.

The man said it, and it is true. Usher has confirmed what his good friend Jermaine Dupri told MTV News weeks ago: That a new version of Confessions is on the way, with four new songs. Although there is no scheduled release date for the revamped album, plans are in motion for a video to accompany his duet with Alicia Keys, "My Boo."

"There's a new video in the making and you don't want to miss it," Usher said Saturday in Miami during the festivities surrounding 'NSYNC's charity basketball game. "We're in the process of repackaging the album. There will also be three more songs in addition to the one with me and Alicia Keys."

As you may know, songs like the Dupri-produced "My Boo" (see "Usher, Alicia Keys Record Duet") and the Lil Jon-helmed "Red Light" have been leaked onto the Internet and mixtapes, along with a plethora of other new songs and records that didn't make the cut for Confessions (see "More Duets For Usher As Beyonce, Brandy Grab The Mic"). No doubt he'll have a full arsenal of music to perform on his summer tour.

Speaking of which, the 'NSYNC game wasn't the only reason Usher was in Miami over the weekend: He was in rehearsals for his Truth Tour, which commences on August 5 in Hampton, Virginia. Mr. Entertainment had several choices as an opener, but he decided to keep it in the multi-platinum club, with Kanye West.

"I think Kanye deserves the chance to take that next step," Usher said. "I felt like it would be great for the audience. It was a hard decision, [but] I figured [I'd choose Kanye] for hip-hop and just to give you a different taste. If it could've been Outkast, it would've been Outkast, but they're not touring."

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