DC Comics' Superhero-Redefining 'Watchmen' To Hit The Big Screen

Darren Aronofsky ('Requiem for a Dream') will direct the graphic-novel adaptation.

Comic-book geeks the world over, rejoice!

Influential DC Comics limited series "Watchmen" is being turned into a film, with Darren Aronofsky ("Requiem for a Dream," "Pi") directing, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The series, turned into a graphic novel in the mid 1980s, is in the early stages of development at Paramount Pictures. David Hayter ("X2," "X-Men"), who is reportedly also attached to the upcoming film "Iron Man" (see "Movie File: Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Garner, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell & More"), will write the screenplay.

Widely touted among comic-book enthusiasts as redefining the superhero genre, "Watchmen," written by Alan Moore with art by Dave Gibbons, uncovers a world in which most masked heroes have either retired or been outlawed. The crime-conspiracy graphic novel follows right-wing-extremist vigilante Rorschach as he corrals his former peers to investigate the murder of masked hero the Comedian.

As they uncover what seems to be a plot to murder the world's remaining superheroes — and many civilians as well — the superheroes begin to redefine themselves and the importance of their roles in society.

Rorschach's all-star team includes Dr. Manhattan, adapted from Captain Atom; Nite Owl I, adapted from Blue Beetle I; Nite Owl II, adapted from Blue Beetle II; Ozymandias, adapted from Thunderbolt; and Silk Spectre, adapted from Nightshade.

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