From Prison, Shyne Calls 50 Cent 'A Joke,' Records Dis Track

Incarcerated rapper gives exclusive interview to MTV News.

DANNEMORA, New York — The godfather who's been buried alive has not only reached his hand out from underneath the dirt, he's letting his voice ring into the streets and cyberspace: Shyne has a new dis record called "For the Record" that targets 50 Cent.

With lyrics that sound like they were recorded over the phone, Shyne raps about reuniting 50 Cent with his deceased mother, implicates 50 as a snitch and exposes a purported attempt by the captain of the G-Unit to ink Shyne to his label. The song starts with an interlude of Sha Money XL, 50's right-hand man and producer, offering the imprisoned MC a deal.

" 'Cause jail only made me a much more ruthless n---a/ And the bitch n---a knew this/ That's why he tried to sign me to G-Unit."

On Wednesday, in an exclusive interview with MTV News at Clinton Correctional Facility, Shyne spoke for the first time about his problems with the hulking rapper from Queens, New York.

"You hear me, he's a kid to me," Shyne said of 50. "He's like a little dude. In here we call them 'my little homies.' "

"For the Record" is retaliation for a freestyle 50 did last year on Funkmaster Flex's Hot 97 New York radio show. In a lyrical tirade, 50 went off on Shyne and Lil' Kim, among others, rapping, "I heard Irv trying to sign Shyne, so I don't got no love for him/ Tell him 50 said he's soft, he won't shoot up the club again."

"I was just falling back, then I got word he said something he wasn't supposed to say," Shyne explained. "It's one thing if he would have said it and stood by it; 'That's what I said, you have a problem, whatever!' But he said it and at the same time he was trying to sign me to G-Unit Records. There's an interlude where Sha Money is calling me, 'Yo, 50 wants you to sign to G-unit.' He's reaching out to all my sets [in the street] trying to sign me to G-Unit. [50] used to rap about me before he got big. He tried to do a song with me, so he knows who I be."

Shyne went on to say there could not be real beef between him and 50 because he thought 50 was "a joke" and he did not take him seriously. According to the Brooklyn, New York, rhyme slinger, even if 50 responds, "For the Record" is the last he'll speak on him. A spokesperson for 50 had no comment.

"For the Record" will be featured on Shyne's second LP, Godfather Buried Alive, which is due August 10.