Courtney Love Deemed 'A Danger To The Community' By L.A. D.A.'s Office

Assistant DA asks for singer to be 'committed to actual custody.'

Courtney Love is not making any fans in the Los Angeles district attorney's office — prosecutors there filed a motion Thursday asking that the singer be "committed to actual custody" and have a new, higher bail set, calling her a "danger to the community."

Love, who is currently being treated at an undisclosed facility, was scheduled to have a hearing Thursday on her felony drug charges but did not attend; the case was continued to July 23.

However, since a warrant had been issued for Love's arrest — because she missed her arraignment Friday on separate felony charges for assault with a deadly weapon — prosecutors are arguing that the singer's bail status in the drug case be revoked and reset, as it was in the assault case.

On Friday, Love's absence from court caused her previous bail of $55,000 to be forfeited and a new bail of $150,000 to be set (see "Courtney Love Hospitalized After Missing Court Date"). For the drug case, deputy district attorney Gina Satriano is asking that Love, who had originally been released in October on her own recognizance, be held on a bail of $40,000 (see "Courtney Love Turns Herself In On Felony Drug Charges").

Satriano argues that because Love allegedly committed the assault while facing prior felony charges, and then failed to appear to enter a plea on the new charge, there is "good cause" to revoke the bail status (see "Courtney Love Turns Herself In To Face Assault Charge"). "Defendant is thus both a danger to the community and a flight risk," Satriano's motion reads.

Love has a scheduled sentencing on misdemeanor drug charges this Friday, and according to the city attorney's office, they have not received word from the singer's representatives that she's unable to attend. "Last I heard, we're still planning on being there," Frank Mateljan of the city attorney's office said. "And if she's not there, unless we hear beforehand, we'll probably issue another bench warrant."

"She will 100 percent be back voluntarily before the jurisdiction to face any and all charges against her," said Love's attorney Michael Rosenstein. "She'll be back as soon as she's released from the care of her physician."