Mary-Kate Olsen Extends Stay In Clinic

But actress plans to be out in time to prepare for college.

A month into her treatment for an eating disorder, Mary-Kate Olsen is extending her stay for approximately two more weeks, according to her press representative. She plans to be out in time to prepare to attend New York University in the fall.

Olsen's rep said the actress, who checked into an undisclosed facility in mid-June and was tentatively scheduled to be released this week, is continuing her treatment not because something is wrong, but rather because she is making progress (see "Mary-Kate Olsen Seeks Treatment For Eating Disorder"). "Mary-Kate is doing very well, and will likely be released before the end of [July]," her rep, Michael Pagnotta, said. "Things are going well for her there."

Pagnotta also noted that stays for eating-related disorders commonly last up to 90 days at live-in clinics. Experts who specialize in teen girls and eating disorders noted that recovery can be a long process once patients are outside of a clinic's care — for some, taking years (see "Experts Say Mary-Kate Olsen Faces Long Road To Recovery").

Olsen's freshman orientation for NYU takes place at the end of August, and she plans to be in New York to get settled before then, Pagnotta said.