Kelly Osbourne On The Tube Is No Longer Must-Bleep TV

Singer co-stars in teen drama 'Life as We Know It' on ABC this fall.

If you happen to catch Kelly Osbourne on TV this fall, don't be alarmed if she doesn't seem quite herself.

After several seasons of living on camera in an extremely personal reality show, Osbourne's now adjusting to a scripted series. The singer/actress plays Deborah, an overweight, promiscuous high school student, in the ABC teen drama "Life as We Know It," formerly titled "Doing It" (see "Kelly Osbourne 'Doing It' On Network TV"). Although the co-starring part wasn't written for Osbourne, it hits close to home.

"I think originally they wanted a bigger girl than me, but it just kind of fit," she said Tuesday. "I realized I could help people like this because the character isn't beautiful and isn't skinny but so cool and so different, and it could help girls in today's society realize that you don't have to look like a supermodel to be beautiful. That's when I was like, 'OK, I'll audition for it.' "

The coming-of-age series centers around three teenage guys trying to make it through high school without freaking out. Newcomer Chris Lowell plays one of the three, and his character is dating Osbourne's. "Initially I expected to be working with a celebrity," he said. "Instead I'm working with an actress. It's more than I could have hoped for."

Although Osbourne's schedule is now filled with reading scripts, memorizing lines and attending press junkets, she still makes time for her music. She juggles both endeavors by splitting up her week.

"It's a tough thing, but that's what's really cool about it," she said. "It's an eight-day shooting schedule for each episode. We get weekends off and sometimes I'm not shooting all eight days. It works out really well, so I can do both."

Osbourne said she just finished her new album, due later this year, and she described it as '80s pop with lots of synthesizers (see "Kelly Osbourne Revels In Freedom With The Matrix, Linda Perry On New LP").