Twista Proclaims Himself The Remix King, Offers CD As Proof

Disc expected to include his work with Usher, Mobb Deep, R. Kelly.

HOLLYWOOD — Who better than Twista to put a twist on the remix-album concept?

While past releases under that banner have featured remixes of a certain artist's album cuts, Twista's The Remix King is a compilation of remixes of other artists' songs that he's rapped on.

"In case y'all didn't know, I'm the remix king and I've been blessed to get on a whole lot of hot albums this year, so we got an album coming out like the first or second week of November," Twista said recently. "It's got all the hottest cuts that have been put out like the past year and a half."

The track list has yet to be finalized, but it will definitely include Mobb Deep's "Got It Twisted" remix with Twista. Other possibilities include Sting's "Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing)" (see "Twista Fast-Talks His Way Into A Sting Video") and David Banner's "Like a Pimp" with Twista and Busta Rhymes.

One remix Twista would especially like to include is the new version of Usher's "Confessions, Pt. 2," which also features Kanye West and Shyne.

"When Usher first came out, I got on the remix with him for 'Nice & Slow,' and I'm just glad that he had me come back and jump on this cut, 'cause 'Confessions' is off the hook," Twista said. "That's my rap pace right there, so he had to put the boy Twista on there. It's love."

The Remix King will also feature a few new Twista tracks as well as remixes of his own hits, including his new single, "So Sexy," with R. Kelly.

"It's called 'Like This,' " Twista said of the "So Sexy" remix. "Me and R. Kelly representin' the Midwest like we supposed to."

"You ain't never heard a slow jam like this," he sang, offering a sneak peek. "You ain't never heard a remix like this."